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Agrigento Coast

Discover the ancient beauty of Agrigento - where history meets modernity!

Organize a fantastic weekend with a sailing boat excursion to Agrigento, the Scala dei Turchi The best way to experience an extraordinary excursion to discover the Agrigento coast and its coves. This experience allows you to visit and get closer to the white marl of the Scala dei Turchi for an unforgettable dip in the Mediterranean Sea and to admire the spectacular sun on the horizon. The Scala dei Turchi is a rocky wall (cliff) that rises above the sea along the coast of Realmonte, near Porto Empedocle, in the province of Agrigento.

It stands between two fine sandy beaches and from the top you can see the entire Agrigento coast; over time it has become a tourist attraction both for the singularity of the white cliff, with its peculiar shapes, and following the popularity acquired thanks to the novels of il commissario Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri. La Scala is made up of marl, a calcareous and clayey sedimentary rock. The Scala dei Turchi has a wavy and irregular shape, with lines that are not harsh but sweet and rounded. The name derives, as well as from the particular stepped appearance, also from the past piracy raids by the Saracens, who found shelter in this area less affected by the winds and therefore safer for landing. In August 2007, an official request was presented to UNESCO by the municipality of Realmonte for this geological site, together with the Roman villa, to be included in the list of World Heritage Sites. Since the 1980s, the crag had been disfigured by an eco-monster, a building site for a hotel complex blocked by complaints from Legambiente. Thanks to the mobilization for the 2008 census, the FAI has acted in favor of good by supporting Legambiente in its battle to kill the eco-monster.