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Pelagie islands

Discover Lampedusa's Mediterranean beauty, where sand, sea and sun become one!

The island of Lampedusa is 61 km from the Tunisian coast and 116 km from the Italian one, extending over about 20 square km. It has a perimeter of 18 miles, a length of 15 km, a width of 3.5 km, and reaches a maximum height of 133 meters, with Mount Albero Sole. Lampedusa, of calcareous nature, consists of a platform which, up to the Tunisian coast, does not exceed 100 meters in depth. All the beauty of the crystalline waters compensates for the essential landscape at times arid, in the depths you can admire a tropical fauna with fish which, in the Mediterranean, constitute a real rarity; in addition to groupers and mackerel, there are parrotfish and triggerfish.

Isola dei Conigli
Cala Calandra e Cala Creta
Cala Pisana
Punta Sottile
Cala Francese
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Sciatu Persu
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Cala Madonna
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